Friday, March 9, 2012

Wooden Silhouettes

We couldn't resist!
After working on the fun Bunny Silhouettes
for Wood You Like To Craft,
we had to make some more!
Candace has been wanting to make some of her boys
and I couldn't wait to follow suit!

There is a really great (and easy!) tutorial for creating
a great silhouette picture to use from Design Dazzle.
They are so fun on paper but you know us and our love
of using wood~we thought it would give the silhouettes some great dimension!

After we took some pictures
we printed them off and cut them out with scissors
to make our pattern.

Candace traced her silhouettes directly from the computer screen,
sizing them to an 8x10 image.
Next, we traced directly to the wood.
 You can use pine, mdf, or whatever scraps you may have on hand.
We found that a scroll saw works best to cut out the fine detail in the face.
Be sure to wear a mask and eye protectors!
We ended up just spray painting them with a glossy finish.
Candace sprayed hers in a dark brown
hanging them with ribbon from 
cute decorative drawer knobs from Target.
I sprayed my daughter's silhouette in a glossy black
and adhered the ribbon with a really hot glue gun.
I found some really cute knobs from Hobby Lobby
but I'm still deciding on where to hang it.
I have to say how special this project was!
I've seen a ton of silhouettes around and yes, they look cool and all,
but there is something about seeing the details of your own child
the pout of their lips, their cowlicky rooster tails and their little chins....
They just make us smile!
Definitely a project to put on your list to do!

Our Wood You Like To Craft Linky party starts tomorrow
so make sure to head over and link up your great Silhouette projects!


Kelsey said...

I LOVE these!!! I can't wait to make a set of my boys!

Krystal said...

Oh my word those are adorable! I really love how the four hung in a row look.

Cary M. said...

Very Cute!!!

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