Saturday, December 3, 2011

Wood Christmas Tree with Letters

We finally tackled a Christmas craft to share with you!  We are behind this year thanks to a yucky two week stomach bug that passed through most of my kids. This Thanksgiving, I was very thankful for my washing machine, disinfectant, and a carpet cleaner! :)

We have been eyeing all of the Christmas trees made with words and white chipboard crafts on Pinterest, and thought they would be cute on wood.  Melinda from Under My Umbrella made the best 2x4 Christmas trees last year, so we borrowed her idea and added a few "Thickers" to create the words. .
Thickers are basically sticky chipboard letters.  We ran out of the letter E, so we cut a B, to create an E. We didn't want to buy a second package just for 2 letters.  Good thing it's a whimsical font!  
We added a dab of glue, to keep the letters permanently on.
We used a really thick piece of mdf from my garage, found from our construction site hunting days.
My husband will be so happy to have one less piece of scrap wood hanging around in the garage!
A 2x4, 2x2, or a 1x2 would also work.
We cut each block of wood to fit the word. The bottom is around 9 inches and the top, 4 inches. We cut the wood dove and star out on the scroll saw, and added a small block for the trunk. We used chipboard from the back of a paper pack to cut the heart.  With a bit of sanding, it looks just as good? Then we spray painted the entire tree white.  What a super easy wood craft! The hardest part was putting the stickers on straight!

We will be back soon!
Happy Crafting!


Lindsay said...

super cute idea! I love how adorable this turned out!

gail@My Repurposed Life said...

ohhh so cute! I love the words you chose, and the 3 dimension of the letters is perfect!

love your tree!

Unknown said...

This is just the cutest!! I don't think I will be able to get any crafts done this year, but this is going on my list for next year!!

Jeanette said...

I love this....going to make a couple as gifts. Thank you! Merry Christmas!

Karen said...

super cute! I love that it is all white! SO pretty!

Amy K said...

Love (and pinned) this!

Kelsey said...

I love it in all white! It is a modern take on shabby chic and I am swooning over it!


Trisha B said...

I love this Christmas Tree! I'm actually teaching a craft class at church and we are going to make these. I was wondering what type of glue you used to glue the wood together?

Caryn T. said...

Not sure if you will get this in time for your class but I would assume a wood glue such as Elmer's wood glue would do the job. If I remember right it can be sanded if it oozes out.

Courtney said...

Are all the sections just stacked on top of one another or is there some sort of support in the back?

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