Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Pillow Shams

Hi there!  I'm back again sharing another finished project for the bedroom
 Autumn designed shams to go along with the bedskirt .   
Autumn wanted me to add the same striped material that we used on the bedskirt to the pillow shams. 
Each sham fits a 20x20 inch pillow insert. Did you know that IKEA has really cheap prices on down pillows?  I believe they were around 5-10 dollars each! 
I cut 2 inch strips of the striped fabric to create a trim around each pillow. The idea was to miter each corner.  Let me just say that it is very difficult to sew and miter stripes. It was above my sewing level,
 so this one went straight to Mom!  My mother is a saint!
She patiently hand stitched everything. Crazy..I know! If we had to do this again, we would have created a trim with the striped fabric first and then sewn it to the pillow. Oh well, we learned something new! 
Today, I made this.  It's my attempt at a plant stand.  I couldn't find a tall plant stand that I liked anywhere, so I decided to build one.  I haven't figured out the bottom yet, so come back tomorrow to see how it turned out!


Angela Lee said...

Love them! They look fantastic. I hate miters too especially with a stripe fabric. If you think you'd like another shelf on the bottom of your plant stand, you might consider a serving tray. I've seen them used before for small bedside tables but the tray was on top. I'm thinking it could go on the bottom too. You can find them as plain or ornate as you want them. Just a thought.

Tracy Wills said...

Very pretty, I love the striped band

Dawn said...

Amazing Candace. You are really talented.

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