Sunday, October 30, 2011

A Halloween Birthday Party

This weekend Candace and I whipped together a few things
for a very, very, very, last moment birthday party for my daughter.
We decided to have a Witch themed party and we
were able to put all of our latest projects to use!

First I found these cute witchy invitations on
Etsy by Say It In Style.
Jenn emailed me the pdf and I printed them up at Walgreens.
We had a lot of fun searching for the perfect treats
to fill our witch shoe party favors.

Each of the girls got to fill their own shoe to take home.
The template for these can be found over at Skip To My Lou
Candace found these great Treat Tags over at Martha of course!
Can you find where we used the remnants of the witch socks....?

My favorite prop has been my big black cauldron.
My hubby picked up some dry ice that we added
to some kool aid and presto~you have a  magic bubbling brew!
Our cake stand was put to good use too!
We whipped up some cupcakes and used a fantastic new find~~
frosting in a can ready to apply!
Seriously, can it get any easier?
We found this fun balloon pumpkin game on Pinterest!
Yes, we gave in and bought a balloon pump.
Just the thought of blowing up 35 balloons gives me a headache.:)
Each balloon was filled with treats, stickers and confetti,
so it was a fun suprise to pop!

We found some great creepy candy Halloween necklace kits for the kids
 to put together from Wilton,
and colored some witch masks from Hobby Lobby.
We loved our Beware banner so much we hurried and put together a
fun spooky birthday banner too!
It's official, I'm out of black and white paper scraps!
It was a fun day!
I had a house full of giggling girls and 3 little boy cousins who were outnumbered.
The highlight for me was Candace's 4 year old kept coming and telling us
that the girls were screaming back in the bedroom....
he didn't quite understand that not all screams from little girls are bad.....:)

Not bad for last moment huh?
Tonight we are dipping pretzel rods in white chocolate with sprinkles
for tomorrow's school party.
I never get tired of these, I wonder how many will actually make it to the party!
Happy Halloween!


steph said...

what ever, you just "whipped" that up "last minute" girls are amazing!!! i'm hiring you for my next shindig...

Cary M. said...

So Awesome!!!!!!!
Great Job Ladies!! :)

Jackie said...

Wow, what great party favors and decorations! This will be the talk of the town party!
Happy Halloween, superb job!

Jenn said...

So cute, it makes me wish one of my kids was born in Oct! Guess we'll just have to throw a Halloween party :)

Anonymous said...

What a cute array of goodies! Halloweens and birthday parties are always a cool mix!
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