Thursday, August 18, 2011

Pinterest Sparkler Love

My sister in-law called me this morning looking for sparkler wedding favor ideas.
 I quickly headed over to Pinterest, it is so cool! What a great resource, I couldn't believe all the sparkler ideas.  Here are a few of the pretty wedding sparkler ideas I found this morning.  

Who knew sparklers were so popular at weddings?
Hopefully a couple of these ideas will help her,
 and hopefully we will be back soon with some regular blogging! 
 We are barely managing to stay afloat this summer!  See you soon!


Anonymous said...

Makes me want to remarry my husband just so we can have a night wedding with sparklers! How neat they are!!

EllensCreativePassage said...

My niece used sparklers like that when her and her new husband left the party...unfortunately one of the younger girls in the party was burned and two tuxes had small burned holes in was beautiful though. The photos were incredible!

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