Sunday, May 15, 2011

WYLTC? Top Of The Pile!

A huge thank you to everyone that joined in the fun
 with this month's Wood You Like To Craft? craft!
We love seeing your creative minds at work, what fabulous projects!
Seriously, we are impressed!
What's great was seeing that they weren't all built new! There was some great
refurbishing going on and you all know how we love to fix things up!
Check out the great projects below!
Sarah from The Bird's Papaya refurbished a secondhand hinged box into this.
Looks like it would look sweet in my Home!!!
Lindsay from Southern Lovely fixed up a little brown box that she bought for 3 dollars. 
We love the fun rail and especially that color!
 Jana from The Raddon's Blog used scrap wood in her garage to build this beauty. 
She embellished it with a a wooden flower
found at Lowe's and then painted it a pretty bright green.
Susan from Homeroad used a wood caddy she found at Goodwill and turned it into
a fabulous herb planter for her Mom for Mother's Day. 
Maybe I can email this to my hubby a couple thousand times to
give him the hint of what I want for next year!
Lanell from Hoot-n-Nanny made this beautiful bathroom caddy. 
She mod podged paper and added a handle for decoration. 
Love this, love the paper, love the handle!
The Allen Family made these two cute little box planters.
What's even more amazing is she did it with a brand new baby!
We love the peek holes to see the vase inside!
Delle from  Yearning To Create took a tool caddy she bought from a yard sale
and turned it into this wonderful pencil holder. 
The fabric rosettes are really cute on the box. 
Way to put a feminine touch on a tool caddy!

Crazy Little Thing Called Love made this fabulous red toolbox using cedar fencing. 
 We love that she added tea lights to her mason jars, so pretty on her table!

Felicia from Stare If You Must was familiar with the "Boy Scout Toolbox"  after being a boy scout leader.  She whipped out two of these for her kids to use as art caddies. 
She even let her kids go to town decorating. 
Our favorite part...the built in glue stick holder. 
Way to go!
Felicia, you had us at the picture of the kids going to town painting!
We loved how these turned out!
You are officially our "Top Pick"!
wood you like to craft?
This month's prize is a
$10 Gift Card from Lowes.
Felicia send us your contact info so we can get that prize to you!
Don't forget to pick up a button!

So....are you ready for next month????
Wendy from Craft Goodies is up next with this!
We love this lantern!
What a fun and creative way to use stars!!!
We can't wait to get started on ours!

We think there just might be a twist to next month's project!
We love patriotic crafts, especially since they
were the very first wood crafts we ever made.
You could say we have a "soft spot" for them!
Make sure to stay tuned for details to come!

wood you like to craft?


Homeroad said...

Thanks for featuring my herb box!

Connie said...

Wow, I am so impressed with the many different places that people took this project to. I was a slacker and didn't get anything made but after seeing all these great boxes I am TOTALLY INSPIRED!

The Allen Family said...

Wow! Lots of fun ideas! And that next project looks like it just may be a bit too much for me to handle. :) But I'll have fun following along nonetheless.

Delle said...

Thanks again for the motivation!!! It was lots of fun!

Lindsay said...

I didn't realized that you featured me! Thank you so much! What a fun surprise!

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