Sunday, March 13, 2011

Come Craft With Us!!!

We are so excited about our Online Craft Group
I think many of you might be hesitant to come and join or
even to see what this is about.
So today we are trying to not only Invite,
but to Entice and Encourage.
(those are some of our Mom's best advice tips, useful to just about any situation!)
So today we are INVITING you, yes YOU to come join us!
We are going to ENTICE you with a quick tutorial of our project
and each month there is a Prize for the top project!
and then ENCOURAGE you
to be inspired and show off all the crazy talent you have!
We enjoyed seeing what Melinda, Krystal and Wendy did
and how different each project was!
Pretty fun right?
So here's what we came up with!
We love bead board so we both started with a 15" x 15" square of heavy duty (1/4") board. 
Well, actually it was a little bit bigger until the squirrel got her little teeth on it so it was shrunk a bit.....
Home Depot is so great to make cuts for those of you too nervous to use a table saw.
We then took some metal roof flashing, cut it into a square
with metal snips, to fit the frame dimensions. 
Remember how we raved about those metal snips last year?
We couldn't find a frame size we wanted so we cut out some pretty trim work with the miter saw at 45 degree angles to make a square and then glued them directly to the board and inlaid the metal flashing.
Nicole used the fun tile font but a slightly different shape of what Melinda used, instead of trim work. 
Then attached the metal with spray painted upholstery tacks.
We liked the idea of the metal so that we could use magnets
to attach anything we wanted.
We are really into seasonal crafts and loved the idea of being able
to switch it out every month.
Nicole made up little shapes for each month
that she cut out of wood and covered with all her paper scraps,
attaching little magnets on the backs.
Candace made up some more 3-D pieces like this adorable bird nest
with it's "welcome spring" sign!
She covered her metal with scrapbook paper using glue dots on the corners
so that she could switch them out with fun papers throughout the different seasons.

Candace also then using 1" x 2" pine, framed out her bead board
using those 45 degree miter cuts again.
She then hung it from a beautiful oil rubbed bronze chain and knob.
The knob really dresses the whole thing up hanging by her front door.
Her fun butterfly magnets were a perfect touch!

So Please come join us!

We can't wait to see what you can do!
The linky party will be going strong until next Saturday night
for your Wood Crafts!


gail@My Repurposed Life said...

all very, very cute!
I must fuss at ya'll though. Using the table saw without the guard and the pawls is very dangerous.
I use it and I still had a kickback incident a couple of weeks ago with a small piece of luan. I had been ripping larger 2x's and was being ohh so careful. Then I got to the luan and it kicked HARD! It got wedged in between the blade and the fence. Just as I was reaching across to turn off the saw, it kicked.
the board hit my forearm hard! OUCH! it hurt bad! I had on a long sleeve insulated flannel shirt. It still cut me through the shirt and bruised me bad.
Had I not had that shirt on, I'm sure I would have gotten many stitches.
It kicked the board so far (about 15 feet) barely missing my car, and hitting the carport.
so, just wanted to say, be careful!

Nicole@CraftySisters-nc said...

Gail you are absolutely right, I had to remove my picture so I won't be responsible for anything happening. My table saw was a second hand pawn shop find that didn't include the protective guards that are so necessary for any wood working project. Maybe that's why it's only been used a handful of times.:) My construction working B-I-L chastises me every time he comes to visit until he sees that it works more as a work table than saw? Thanks always for coming to visit, we just love hearing from you!

Tammy@T's Daily Treasures said...

I love this idea! So cute to be able to change it out every month. I've wanted to make a wreath that I can change up monthly but just haven't quite figured it out yet. There's no wood work going on around here. Hope you are having a happy day. :) Tammy

Joanne said...

Such cute ideas I wish I was more creative!, Blessings, Joanne

Suzanne said...

Thanks for the kind words about my blog makeover. When I saw that she had madeover yours I was sold. Your blog is my favorite design out there. So pretty!

Natasha in Oz said...

I love this idea but am quite sure I would make a great big mess of it! I will leave it up to you guys I think.

Best wishes and Happy St Patrick's day,

Cami said...

I would love a tutorial on Nicole's project. How did she get that black and white polka dot thing. Is it wood? I really want to make one. The different magnets are so fun! Great idea. :)

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