Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Pink Pearled Lovebird Heart

I've always loved the idea of lovebirds and I'm not sure why.
Yes, I'm a hopeless romantic....
We have an abundance of cooing doves here
and I have to admit I love hearing them throughout the day
chatting away.
With our third heart Candace and I wanted something different but still romantic
and the doves seemed to be calling out to us.....:)
 (insert cheese here...oh yea it already is here.)
Well really, my little girl had something to say about what color we chose
and it's no surprise....she's all about pink!
We painted this heart a nice brown burnt umber
which has a "stain" appearance when you water it down a bit.
(can you tell which pictures my crappy camera took and which one Candace's did?)
Paired with some pretty pink paper, little doves, some cute cherry blossom buds and pearl corsage pins
all that was missing were the love words. 
Sometimes it can be really hard to find the perfect paper when you have an idea stuck in your head.
We knew we wanted something light and vellum was the perfect fit.
We googled "famous love sayings" and up popped all sorts of fun quotes.
We combined them all on a word document, picked a light shade of tan and printed them off.
After trimming them into a smaller version of the heart we
glued them on with a glue stick along the edges.
Next we plucked the little blossoms off the branches and skewered
them with the corsage pins.
These blossoms were plastic and the pins held them perfectly in place.
It was so easy my daughter had a blast putting them together!
We just trimmed off the excess pin with some pliers and hot glued them in place,
out lining the edges of the vellum word heart.
We glued on the little love birds which got a quick highlight of that
Gorgeous German Glass Glitter from Meyer Imports,
glued on a bow to hang it from and there ya go!
We've been pretty busy this week working on our latest "knock off" project
and we're really excited to do the big reveal!
Now if we can just get spray paint to cooperate with this cold weather!
Stay tuned......


Lyndsey said...

Oh my I love the little love birds.. I love all the hearts:)

Suzanne said...

So beautiful! I love everything about it!

Grannys Attic said...

That is just to cute! Love the pinks and the love birds. Thanks for sharing, Vickky

JC's Loft said...

I like the birds with a touch of glitter, super cute!


gail@My Repurposed Life said...

Hey Nicole! you are so great with that saw!
:) I love the shape of these hearts. great job girls!
I too love the love birds! and the little flowers, heck I love it all!

The Scrappy Cottage said...

This is so gorgeous, love the birds and all the little pink flowers. AWESOME.......

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