Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Fancy Snowflakes

Yup, more Snowflakes!!!
But these ones are "fancy"!
Yesterday I found myself completely dragging my feet
along with my little girl to go back to school.
I have to admit that this was the first Christmas Break
since High School that I have absolutely, completely loved!
I had a few things to keep me busy but
ultimately I got to spend a ton of time with my daughter.
It also meant I didn't really do anything crafty.
Every Monday I volunteer in my daughter's class
and I was delighted to have to fold and cut 160 snowflakes pieces
for their fun class art project!
Of course I had to make some myself!
I've seen these fancy snowflakes all over but never seen how they are made.
They are really fun and really easy!
I made my first one with just printer paper
and then moved onto sheet music!
Yes, that opera music Candace found at the thrift store has
really been put to good use!
So gather up some paper, some tape, a stapler,
some scissors and some string to hang them up with.....
Here's a closer look of how to make the cuts:
The sheet music one I did with 4 inch squares and they ended up being about 10 inches.
Here's my first one made from 8 1/2 squares of printer paper.
All finished it measures about 23 inches.
You can't tell from the pictures but I had to spray it with spray glitter....
 Can't wait for my little girl to come home so we can make a bunch more!
Happy Snowflake Making!


Unknown said...

very beautiful

autumn said...

those are so cute and look like SO much work!

Tina said...

Wow, thanks so much for posting these instructions. These are lovely.

JC's Loft said...

Oh my goodness, those look they you bought them!!!!!!!!! Love em ladies, you never disappoint : )


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