Tuesday, December 7, 2010

A Baby Jesus Ornament

You asked for it....
and we listened!
We got a lot of requests for a tutorial for our Baby Jesus Ornaments
we did up for our Holiday Boutiques
so here it is!
This ornament is super super easy to make
and pretty inexpensive to do especially if you are wanting to do a bunch of them.
We saw a version of this several years ago and always wanted to make something like it!
So here's what we came up with!
First gather your supplies:
Acrylic Craft Paint (flesh tone & brown/black for eyes)
Tiny Grapevine Wreaths 3" size
Cream Felt
Craft Wire (we love it rusty!)
Wood Split Balls 1" size
Excelsior (you could use moss too)
Wood Stars 1" size (could use mini ornaments)
Hot Glue Gun
Spray Glitter (optional)
  Begin by painting all those baby heads a nice flesh color.
Here's a quick tip:
Tape a piece of masking tape sticky side up onto your counter
and stick your baby heads onto it.
Now you can paint those heads easy
without them moving around or dropping them!

Pre-drill little holes in your stars so you can thread them through the wire.
I spray painted mine a pretty gold color and "antiqued" them
by misting some Brown spray paint over them.
We like to mist stuff to kinda mix up the colors.
It's a really easy technique and gives a fantastic result!
Plus if you "mist" it too much you can always go back with your original color to make it right!
Cut your wire in 18" pieces.
I know, it seems like a lot, but once you curl it you'll understand!
 A sharpie marker is a perfect diameter for this!
 Next take the felt and cut out a 4 1/2  x 4 1/2" square for the blanket.
Fold in half and and trim off the bottom corner at the 3" mark.
It will look like a diamond jewel shape.
Cut another piece 2x 3".  This will be the body.
We've used fiberfill in the past but it's a pain to work with
and rolling up the felt was so easy!
Just make sure you get some glue around the edge of the face
to hold the felt in place!
I always paint my eyes on last.
You are a miracle worker if you get that head glued on
and the eyes are actually in the right place.
We usually use the end of a tiny paint brush or a brad nail to make the eyes.
Then thread the wire through the sides of the wreath and twist securely in place.

You know us and our glitter.....
We just had to add a touch of it to really finish this little guy off!
There you go, one beautiful little Baby Jesus!
These are great gifts for your neighbors and friends!
This batch is for my little group of girls I teach in my Sunday school class!


JC's Loft said...

Fabulous ladies! Giveaway will be on Friday FYI : )


Bargain Hoot said...

LOVE this precious baby Jesus ornament!! It is so sweet!! I'm a new follower, thank you for your kind comment!

autumn said...

save one for me!! i want one...i have to add to my collection!

Grannys Attic said...

That is just to sweet! Thanks for the tutorial. I bought a bag of the little grape vine wreaths this summer at a Yard Sale and now I know what I can use them for. Thanks for stopping by my place too. Blessings, Vicky

Nikki Workman said...

I’m a new follower and I LOVE your webpage. I’m so excited that you posted this. When I was a kid we made this at a church Christmas party and I’m so happy I know just how to make it now! Thanks for the post!

willowbird35 said...

I saw this too late at Christmas to make it, but it is on my "to do" list for next Christmas! Love that you posted the tutorial. I couldn't tell from the original pic what you used for under baby Jesus. Now I see it was a small grapevine wreath! Precious! - Karen

Mom to 11 said...

Very cute and we will likely make them, but please remember "flesh" tone is in the eyes of the beholder. Our baby Jesus' will be a very dark brown.

Paula said...

Where do you find the wood split balls?

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