Sunday, November 28, 2010

A New Ginger Man

Here are some wood projects from a few weeks ago. I need to get my Christmas crafting wind back to decorate my house...I think I lost it after eating all that pie! :) I am currently "borrowing"  my dad's belt sander. It scares me, but it is great for wood crafts.  It quickly gets the job done and can quickly take the skin off your fingers!  Perfect for rounding out the Gingerbread parts.  My friend Angela gave our family this gingerbread man, that has been well-loved by my boys for 7 years.  One of them even practiced their writing on him. Nice. The boys look forward to pulling this guy out every year.  I think Angela bought kits, and then decorated them herself.  Cute idea.
He was looking we traced and cut out a new Gingerbread Man.  At first he didn't have a mouth and for some reason that really upsets my young kids...not sure why? I later added a mouth topped off with two small peppermint candy beads.
I think he's a door hanger, at least that's where we stick him.
We found all the candy decor, rick rack, cinnamon sticks, and ribbons at Hobby Lobby.  Everything is going fast, I can't believe it! To give him a sugared look, we sprinkled clear glass glitter over Mod Podge.

While I had the belt sander out I had to make Under My Polka Dot Umbrella's cute 2x4 snowmen. Nicole found her site and adores her wood crafts.  Have you seen the super cute stuff she makes with simple 2x4's? Really....really easy to make. I love the tree too!  Go check it out!
We'll be back soon with more Christmas ideas!


JC's Loft said...

So cute! How do you know that belt sander takes skin off, haha : )


DanielleisNesting said...

Too cute!!

Melinda said...

Thanks for the shout out about the snowman:) Yours is adorable! I too know about belt sanders and taking skin off. It hurts!!!

Kelli said...

These are very cute!! Great job!

Kelli @

Rocio @ Casa Haus said...

Those are so cute!!!! Love them!

Unknown said...

Where is the tutorial for the snowman with the tophat? I can't seem to find him...

Crafty Sisters said...

The snowman with the top hat was created by Melinda over at Under My Polka Dot Umbrella blog. Go visit her for a great tutorial. Thanks!

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