Sunday, September 26, 2010

An Izzie Update!

I'm finally getting around to letting you guys know
how our sweet little Izzie is doing.
Here's a few pictures I snapped today.
Izzie is growing so fast and
she's now entering the "fun" stage of baby squirrelhood as we call it.
Her eyes opened last Tuesday which was such a magical moment!

Although she sleeps most of the time,
when she does wake up she is curious and wanting to climb on everything. 
My favorite part of this is when she nuzzles into my neck to keep warm.
Her little squeaks are so cute and
her little nose smelling everything is like little butterfly kisses against my neck and cheek.
Can you tell we are just loving this moment in time?
We had a super scare last night though!!!
As I was headed out to meet Candace and my Mom
to collect our stuff from our first of the season boutique
I noticed a squished squirrel on the road next to our house under the acorn tree
which is the hub of activity of all of our squirrel neighbors. 
(Last Saturday my little girl and I collected 2 buckets of acorns for our Gracie!)
My heart seriously sunk and almost broke out of my chest. 
 I got out and tried to look as close as I could and noticed
the squirrel had a missing top of it's tail,
which our first squirrel Gracie has (that's a whole other post....)
I hopped back in the car and made a mad rush to my hubby and little girl
who had headed down to bird watch. 
 a whole lot of crying later and
my hubby going and feeling the "victim's" tail 3 times to convince me it wasn't her,
we were all still upset because of course Gracie wasn't in our yard or in her nest box. 
Ya know I may tease about my hubby not being trusted with my tools
 but in moments like these it's clear the reasons why I love him so much. 
He even went out at midnight with a flash light to
feel the squirrel tail again to calm my ever growing fears.
I headed out this morning to see if Gracie
had come back to her box but it was empty and cold.
Completely broken hearted I was crying in the shower
 hurrying to be on time to church when my hubby
came into the bathroom with guess who on his shoulder.
I have never been so happy in my life! 
Well, yeah I have but ya know......
So both sweet squirrel girls are safe, healthy and happy! 
 My little girl is so glad to know her "little sisters" are okay and
someday I'll actually get a picture with the squirrels
where I don't have on a hat and I'm wearing make up.:)


gail@My Repurposed Life said...

Oh my gosh! Izzie is sooo cute, Gracie is too, but it's a cat/kitten dog/puppie kind of thing. The babies are always so much cuter! I didn't know Gracie had run of the yard. That's sweet, but s c a r y! Glad all is well at the house of nuts! hahahah
thanks for the update! You're such a sweet, kind, family!

Debbie said...

I think your Izzie is so cute and your story precious. A few years back, late at night, my cat brings something into the house making some very sad noises. I didn't know what it was but I put it in a hat, tried to feed it some milk and putting it on a heating pad. Every hour I got up to check and did this all through the night and into the next day. It was my frist day at work of a new job and I continually ran home when I could. About 3 that day my hubs called and said the animal was gone, that he even tried some little chest compressions but couldn't save it. It was a baby squirrel. I cried so hard over losing it and not know what animal it even was, probably was just to young to save but I sure applaud anyone who has the compassion to care about a little ole squirrel.

Julee said...

Nicole - you are amazing! Those squirrels are sooo cute! Glad your Gracie is safe :) HUGS!!!

Lei said...

So cute. I hadn't heard of keeping squirrels as pets before!

ChRiS said...

could you crate the squirrels and actually keep em in the home for safe keeping.....i find your stories on saving these 2 just amazing and so kind hearted, this was my 1st yr to feed birds and i must admit i became attached to them and the hungry squirrels and i had discussions through the i have george and groundhog that my hub wants to send to heaevn but i say not!! anyways broke my heart i stopped feeding the anmials do to a dang hawk was coming around and was break my heart....i miss my friends in the am's =(

Jen@Notes From the Heartland said...

Oh my....I can't imagine how you must have felt when you saw the poor squirrel on the road. :-( Thank goodness your gals are ok! And that baby Izzie....the pic with her little baby wrinkles showing is almost too cute to be possible. What a wonderful thing you have done for these little cutie patooties!

Unknown said...

Omg, Izzie is just too cute! I'm so glad Gracie is ok, too. So glad you're keeping us updated, I adore Izzie posts and pictures!

Hope you had a great weekend!

Tammy@T's Daily Treasures said...

Izzie is the sweetest and so fortunate to have your family caring for her. Glad to know Gracie is okay too. Isn't it amazing how attached we get to animals? I feed the street cats here and have two that actually live in our stairwell. My husband said that he wanted nothing to do with them but when me and the kids were away for 6 weeks this summer, he did feed them as I had asked even though he insisted he wasn't. I wish I could bring them indoors but our Jingles wouldn't go for that, and neither would hubby. So I do what I can. Just like you do for your little squirrels in need. God bless and have a great week. :) Tammy

Mom in High Heels said...

I'm glad to get an update on her! She's so sweet and cute!!!!! I want a squirrel.

The Boston Lady said...

I would have felt exactly the same way so I am so glad the outcome was a good one. Bless you for looking after the helpless ones.

Andrea (Panda) said...

omg that seriously just made my cry!!! I am glad to know they are both ok. what a great husband you have.

Gabi Alberti said...

Wow!! So cute!!! :))

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