Friday, September 3, 2010


 One more project down in my son's room that is taking F-O-R-E-V-E-R!  I guess that's what happens when you (hand-shuck) all your furniture. Hopefully it will be done soon...
I hear pumpkins and crafts calling my name.

I do have to say that this turned out pretty cool. 
I found the  headboard plans at Knock-Off Wood, or I think it's now? It looks like she's made some changes and her site is very quick and easy to navigate.

I took her reclaimed headboard plans and put bead board in the center and wrapped the head like I did the hutch so they would be matchy-matchy. :) I think it helps balance the largeness of the hutch.

The headboard is solid and HUGE!  In Target, I was eyeing a navy blue twin headboard, with bead board.  They wanted 99 dollars.  For about 35-40 dollars I built a huge, massive queen-sized headboard.  It really wasn't difficult.  And not to dis Target, ( because I spend a lot of my free time there ) but have you ever put together their laminate furniture?  I don't think it could be harder than building this headboard. When I was 7 months pregnant, I put together a dresser for my son.  I sat on the floor trying to figure it out for at least 5 hours...I'm serious!

Two of my boys started school this week.  This first-day of school picture was so funny to me.  All they wanted was a picture of their shoes.  It's all about the shoes. 

Have a nice and long weekend!


kathleen said...

Beautiful headboard.

Anonymous said...

This is awesome! Great job. I'm looking for headboard ideas.

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