Monday, August 30, 2010

A Day All By Myself

I don't even know what to do with myself.
I have my notebook full of lists of ideas
of all the things I want to make
and I'm stumped.
I don't know what to do without the promptings of
My little girl started 1st grade today
and I have my first day all to myself for the first time in 6 1/2 years!

So I took a picture of Izzie the baby squirrel,
Can you see the gray fuzz that has come in this week?
She's doing great but was not happy with me trying to take her picture.
I took a picture of Gracie our yearling squirrel,
She loves fresh corn!
I got my hair cut
(sorry no pictures of that!  Is anyone every really happy
with the way the salon lady styles their hair?)
and now I think I've got the courage to start making patterns
for all the fun creations for our Fall and Christmas boutiques.
I just loved finding this this morning....
My little girl stuffed her beloved Sarafina in her back pack
this morning so she would help her not be scared and alone
on her first day of school.
I'm already watching the clock till she gets home!:)


Breathing In Grace said...

I definitely don't like how my hair gets styled...which is why I usually tell them to just cut it and I'll fix it when I get home...since I'm gonna come straight home and wash it anyway...saves both of us time!! You're so patient to be taking care of a baby squirrel!! That's so precious!

Jen@Notes From the Heartland said...

The squirrel is just so darn cute...and look at that peach fuzz starting to grow. Who knew you could take a little lump of skin and grow it into an ACTUAL have many skills. ;-) I have a first grader too....but I'm not alone just year my little guy will start preschool....I can't imagine what those kind of days are like??? I don't remember!!

~ Regan said...

Aw... I don't know how you survived the first day of her going to school! I will be a basket case, I just know it. :| And I'm sure hubs will be pointing and laughing at me the whole time in his 'I love you but I also love to pick on you' kind of way. lol

Izzie is just too cute for words. I can wait to see her when her little eyes have opened.

gail@My Repurposed Life said...

wow! that's a lot in one post! izzie, gracie, hair cut, and wee one in first grade! You're such a good mom!

Connie said...

Such a milestone having a child go to school all day for the first time.

No, I have never been happy with the way a stylist fixes my hair after a hair cut, I usually go right home and redo it.

Your squirrel is now starting to look cute. It's amazing what a little fuzz will do.

My Cottage Charm said...

Nicole...I homeschool so mine are never gone...enjoy your time! lol :) I have two that have graduated and are Baaack! :-o Like I said, enjoy your time!
Izzie is looking too cute with his little peach fuzz coming sure are sweet to save such a little creature. I'm sure Gracie will be happy to have Izzie for company in a few months. :)
Hope you have a great week!

autumn said...

i don't think it will ever get old.
i had my 6th "all alone" day today, and it was just as blissful as the first.
of course, when i wake up, i have a list of at last 7 things i want to get done, and somehow only manage to squeak out like 3. weird. i thought i was going to be SO much more productive.

Tammy@T's Daily Treasures said...

Oh that Izzie is just the sweetest. I so enjoy quiet time but don't often get days home alone. Enjoy! :) Tammy

Lorie said...

How crazy! You are the second person from a blog I read that found a baby squirrel!

Lyndsey said...

You have to be the coolest mom on the planet.. my kids want a pet fish and I tell them no - you let your kids have a squirrel!! You ROCK!!!

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