Monday, June 14, 2010

Pots + Flowers = H2O

Yup, it's that time of year where
I've got all my outdoor pots planted
with high hopes of luscious trailing vines, continuous blooms and......
that they won't be dead by next week.
Sprinkler systems were created for people like me.
I hate dragging a hose around and I forget to do it
about 90% of the time.
About 8 years ago my parents came to the rescue and
helped me put in my first underground sprinkler system.
My Dad and I worked from dawn till dusk, with my Mom as our gopher and chef.
The moment the water came on and it worked was magical!
I even framed the picture, it meant that much to me
and It's one of the best memories I have with my parents.
So, to say the least, my Dad has taught me a thing or two about sprinklers
and my favorite thing are drip systems.
(I believe he's now put in about 5 for his kids!)
So indiscreet, so simple to put together and they're pretty cheap.
Plus, they remind me of lego's, I just love building stuff!
You can pick up your needed supplies for a few bucks each
and when you're done you'll wonder why you hadn't done this a long time ago!!!
You'll need a bit of 1/4 inch hose,
a shrub head manifold ( these come with a single spout or even up to 6!)
and some little couplers that come in a straight, elbow or tee opening style.

various sprinkler dripper heads

a dripper clamp stake

 First find your closet sprinkler head and unscrew it from the riser it's on.
The shrub head manifold will screw in between the riser and the sprinkler head.

Usually most of your sprinkler will be buried underground.
This one happens to be on a riser and I have 2 separate couplers on it.
Push the drip line hose onto the manifold spout.
Then stretch out your hose to your potted destination.

Make sure you have enough hose, ample enough to
bury under ground or to tuck away and conceal.
Using a dripper clamp stake, attach your hose inside your pot.

Last but not least attach a sprinkler dripper head to your hose.
There are so many ways to hook these up.
You don't need the fancy expensive kits in the store,
just the "guts" so to speak.

You can even run the hose up your house,
attach with these tack clamps
and they are perfect for hanging pots!
Just make sure you paint your line so it's "hidden".
That's it.

Turn your water on and be amazed!


Jen@Notes From the Heartland said...

NO WAY! You have drippers for your hanging baskets?? You are my idol.

ificould said...

You make it sound so easy- I want to give it a try.

~ Regan said...

oh good to know!!
I'm totally bookmarking this in one of the hubby's favorites folders.
And I think I'll label it *HINT, HINT!*
lol! :P

autumn said...

when i finally get my onw house back, i am going to use this tutorial to make sure my urns look great all summer long! i amy even get up the guts to do a hanging basket!

ificould said...

btw, I posted a link on my blog:

Thanks for sharing!

Kathy@theshebearofeleven said...

I'll be showing this to my husband. I like the idea of not watering with a hose.

Michelle Wright said...

Wow, it's really that easy??!! I'll be doing this in my own yard.

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