Saturday, May 15, 2010

Hello Pawn Shop!

I've heard stories of wives falling in love with their husband's all over again
when he bought her new jewelery
or flowers and a love note.
I'm a bit different.
Nothing says "love" more than seeing him
take the trash out.....
without me reminding him.
Or in this case, all that's needed is a trip to the Pawn Shop.
Remember how I told you guys to not be scared to go into them?
Well this week during my crazy efforts to fill orders as fast as I could
I killed my little jig saw.
Unfortunately I cannot live (or should I saw work) without this baby.
So in my Hubby's fix-it-hat style he swooped me up and we headed out
for our adventures in Pawn Shops.
3 stores later and with some smooth talking which he happens to be very good at....
I now have this "new baby".
Oooooh, I got it for a 1/4 of the normal price.
It has a laser light, a normal light, it twists, it turns.
I love it!
So Rest In Peace Skil Saw, you've officially been replaced!
Plus here's a super great tip we learned
quite by mistake!
If you happen to be a sloppy spray painter....
(meaning you spray yourself more than  your desired item like me!)
instead of having to wear your paint for the next few days
you can easily remove it with alcohol!
Here's my before and after with only 2 minutes of rubbing it off with a sponge.
Not bad huh?
Feels a lot nicer than the green scratchy pad from the kitchen!
Hope you guys are loving Springtime as much as we are!


Tracy's Trinkets and Treasures said...

I need that tip! I finally wore some gloves today to keep my hands clean. So tired of going to work on Monday with dirty looking hands. I am scared of saws. Maybe you can convince me I need one.

~ Regan said...

Great tip!! I am super messy with the painting... I joke and say those are my 'rings off' projects. ;)

So jealous over your new saw! I really need one of those!

Gace you gals an award- if you want it, come over to check it out! :)

Anonymous said...

Great tip on the rubbing alcohol, thank you!! And I love your new saw!

gail@My Repurposed Life said...

cool! I got gorilla glue (white) on my hands and tried several things to get it off. You know what worked best? Hand lotion! :) I tried alcohol, and nail polish remover first.
funny about the yard saleing :) I lucked in to the doors.

Kathy@theshebearofeleven said...

Great tip and great husband.

Lisa said...

Thanks for the great tip for spray paint clean up! I always seem to get paint under my nails and it stays there forever! I'll have to try this next time...

Anonymous said...

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pbrenner said...

I stumbled on your blog and can't leave the computer until I read every post :-) I'm loving it, and I'm glad it's a holiday weekend, lol. Thanks for the alcohol tip, I (unintentionally) stood slightly downwind yesterday while painting pvc pipe green ... I ended up looking like the incredible hulk's sister ... I used lava soap, which is fine for legs and arms, but a little tough on hands and face. Rubbing alcohol will be much easier!

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