Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Best "CRAFT-manship"

I think a Pinewood Derby car is
 " craft blog-worthy"-
 don't  you think?
I'm even tempted to find a  linky part to share my   our latest craft!

My son didn't win the race but he won "best CRAFTmanship" :) and 5th place.
We...as in me and my son worked hard the last couple of days designing, cutting, and painting his car.
My husband was the director/wheel-checker/giver of approval.
I know it's suppose to be a father/son bonding moment...but I just couldn't help getting involved especially when it comes to cutting wood and making it pretty!

My son's first time spray painting. He did quite well!
I was so proud of his spray technique!

He wanted two stripes- like a Ford mustang GT.

We polished the wheels with wet sandpaper.
I learned a lesson this time.
  It's all about wheels. 
 If you set them wrong you are toast!  I put one in crooked and  permanently messed it up.
Ahhh the pressure!
It was a fun night. 
No bad competitive feelings that happen sometimes at these races.

I have...I mean "we" have another year to perfect the winning car!

I only hope from now on that I'm
 referred to as the "SHE-MAN" mom that likes saws and power tools:)
I got some strange looks from the other dads! ;)


Mom in High Heels said...

Fantastic! Indy's car last year was a winning car for racing (3rd place overall), but this year, not so much. It was a beautiful car though that he worked hard on. There's always next year (says the Cubs Fan).
Your son did a great job and you should be proud!

Beth said...

That brings back great memories!

gail@My Repurposed Life said...

definitely blog worthy! cool beans! great job.

Gail LaCroix said...

What a splendid job he did on his car! I still have all the pinewood derby cars my 3 sons made --such great memories!

Pieces of Dreams said...

Oh! I love the pinewood derby! Not only with my kids, but my brothers! Reliving such memories brings a happy/sad tear to my eye! Karen

Heidi said...

My boys have their pinewood derby next week. I'll (I mean my boys...) will have to try the sandpaper trick on the wheels!

HuNnY aNd PoPpA LeWiS said...

Some of my favorite memories include pinewood derbies with my son & hubby. We still have all of the cars they made :)

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