Wednesday, March 24, 2010

*5* Days of Martha's Eggs~Day 1 Jeweled Eggs!

Our sweet Mother used to own almost every edition of Martha Stewart's magazine. 
It was the perfect Mother's Day Gift
to give every year- hands down! 
She collected each one and filed them carefully away. 
She loved all the beautiful ideas and kept them until they moved a few years ago.  
Dad said, "Dear, they must go!"
Nicole snuck all the best holiday issues away and still has them tucked away in a safe spot!
We love Martha too and have been inspired by her.
  We were peeking through her Easter decor and came across hundreds of ways to decorate eggs. 
We picked our top five and thought we would ~ give it a try ~!

Look...we even made a button!

Attempt #1:
Eggs nestled into flowers. 

*Go here to Martha's site for her full directions and a picture.*


We have had this idea rolling around in our heads for a while, so I have been saving my expired eggs.  Yes.  REAL eggs.  Martha only uses "real" eggs! :)
Real eggs is what kept me from going forward with this. 
I was not about to put my mouth on and blow out hundreds of eggs.
I found on Martha's site how to blow the eggs out "properly."
This is by far the coolest thing so far and EASY!
First gather your dremel, if you have one.  You can use a nail.  Next find something to scramble the egg. I used a wire.  And...finally...get a nose sucker!  I had 3 Nicu babies, so I had no problem coming up with some.
Use a good drilling bit on the router. Super...super...easy!
Scramble up the yolk.
Blow air INTO the egg so it pushes out into the pan.  Don't squeeze the egg into the bulb syringe!
I'm telling you...this is so slick!
We picked out orchids, and several metallic paints.  Martha uses Swarovski crystal tear drops.  I'm cheap, so I used small Swarovski crystals and some other beads I had on hand.  Plastic beading wire was used instead of metal jewelry wire.

Paint your eggs.  Probably the hardest part of all.  The layers take some time to dry. 

We used an earring wire to put the beads on.  Make a loop at the end of the beaded earring. We then made a loop with the plastic line when tying it on to the beads, so it can hang as an ornament.
Next string the plastic line through the egg.  You can use a long needle. We glued a tiny bead at the top for decoration.

We made the flower hang upside down, so the center would have the pretty beads shooting out.

All done!
We trimmed a branch from my beautiful budding tree outside and hung!
Who knew eggs could be so pretty?  There is something so beautiful about a real egg. 
 Just be careful...
we broke about ten eggs while making these.  

Stay tuned for Day 2 of Martha's EGGS!!!

Also..check out Beyond The Picket Fence!
Becky was so nice to spotlight us.

And we're sharing with the fun Spring party at
This Blessed Nest


Jen@Notes From the Heartland said...

These are divine! What a beautiful, elegant way to decorate for Easter! And thank you thank you for sharing a new way to blow out eggs...I can still remember my mom's red face blowing dozens of eggs for us to decorate!

Becky@Beyond The Picket Fence said...

Very pretty. hey girls, don't know if you got my email, but you are being featured today on my blog!

The Boston Lady said...

I absolutely love how this turned out. Wish I had known about the baby nose clearer thingy working like that when I was a girl scout leader!! I'm still getting over those beautiful wreaths y'all made. (okay I'm not really southern, but I DO live in Florida)

~ Regan said...

Beautiful! That's very clever- using the bulb syringe thing-y to blog the egg out... Dare I say it?? I think yours are better than Martha's!

cindy said...

OmGosh I'm loving all your egg crafts and wreaths! I was dumb and bought some wooden eggs and paper mache eggs. Never thought to just use plastic...duh!

Your tutorials are wonderful as well. :)

autumn said...

you guys are awesome! i always picture the two of you brainstorming and laughing and coming up with all of these great ideas together! you two are quite the pair.
i am really enjoying your wreath and egg projects. keep 'em coming!

nest of posies said...


you two are something else. your Easter tree is the prettiest one i've seen. so elegant. the flowers, the jeweled/beaded pins - just gorgeous.

do your neighbors just peep in your windows constantly to ooooo & awe??? i sure would if i lived close.
thanks you so much for coming & linking to the spring fling party!
it was a pleasure having you talented TWO!!!


Anonymous said...

Stunning! These truly are beautiful and make quite the impression.

I am new to your sweet blog via Blessed Nest but will be returning!

Happy Spring,

Beth@The Stories of A to Z said...

Martha would be so proud of you! All of your egg projects are AMAZING!

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