Tuesday, December 1, 2009

220 balls later.....look what I made!

Sadly, I think it needs 100 more tiny ornaments to fill the gaps, but whose looking that closely...except for you!! :)

I've been drooling over all the pretty Eddie Ross wreaths all you crafty ladies have made and came across Good Housekeeping's tutorial on wreaths.  This is Good Housekeeping's wreath below.  So pretty! They used old balls and glued them onto a felt wrapped, straw wreath.  Filled with large balls and tiny balls in the gaps. 

 Go here for more info.......   Good House Keeping Christmas Ball Wreath

My total cost was 22.00 from the lovely Dollar Tree. I couldn't find a straw wreath large enough at the craft stores.  I was looking for a 24".  I found in my scary garage an old grapevine wreath.  I would have prefered the straw...but this was free.  I then hot glued strips of white felt all over it and bound it with string.
Wrap tightly because of all the sticks, and then bind with string.  Wrapping with felt made it sooooo much easier to glue the ornaments onto.  I couldn't work with the coat hanger, this is much, much, easier.  It just takes a TON of balls!

I glued for many hours and realized that my 150 ornaments wouldn't do and made another trip to the dollar store.  The ornaments came in packages of 12-15 for 1$ each!!!  22.00 dollars in all.  How cool is that?! They are cheap and plastic, but again, whose looking that closely?
All the empty packages!
Like Good HouseKeeping...I added a few starburst ornaments for interest!
I like it because it fits the size of my door!  I know it's a tad bit excessive, but it was fun and thanks to the dollar tree.....extremely cheap for 220 ornaments! :)

Now....if the cold temps don't make the hot glue stop working and I have plastic balls bouncing off my front porch!

* sad update*  you may want to keep wreath inside if you live in cold areas, hot glue doesn't hold up under low temperatures! :(

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Jennifer Juniper said...

Save those empty packages to make Christmas crackers! Great job!

Connie said...


gail@My Repurposed Life said...

Candace... it's B-E-A-U-T-I-F-U-L I would be doing a happy dance if I were you! Yours looks just as good as bh&g if NOT better! I love the color! It's amazing what you can do with on old garage sale wreath! $22.00 is a good price, but I was thinking something cheaper for mine. I need to go to the peddler's mall and see what I can find.
did you use low temp glue gun? just wondering.
and once again, it looks so pretty on your door!

Unknown said...

It's gorgeous! I would have NEVER guessed that those came from the dollar tree, it looks like some posh shop! Great job!

Natasha in Oz said...

Wow Candace it is really beautiful. It really was worth all the hard work and trips to the store! I agree that it looks perfect on your front door too. Another successful project I would say!
Best wishes, Natasha.

Anonymous said...

Very Cute! Can't wait to try it! Dollar Store, here I come!

autumn said...

i love that you mixed the red with gold AND silver...it looks really pretty that way! nice job. it's beautiful!!

nannykim/spindlecottage said...

That turned out so glamorous and pretty! I can't imagine all the work it took!!

Anonymous said...

It's beautiful and sounds like it might? be simpler than the Eddie Ross wreath? Not sure. Either way, it's pretty!

pk @ Room Remix

Gina Sisco said...

Oops on the cold weather, but since your misfortune I decided not to take mine outside!!! Thanks for the word up. Yours turned out beautifully.

Vickie said...

I'm going to have to be on the lookout for more Christmas bulbs. 220! You did a wonderful job it's beautiful :) I'm sorry about the cold weather. Take Care :)

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