Sunday, November 21, 2010

Snowman Cubes

 I fell while holding my camera, taking the pine cone wreath pictures.  I stood up on an ottoman, and it tipped.  I smashed the front in.  I was able to pry the front lens back into shape enough for it to function, but the pictures are all blurry.  Santa, do you think you could send me a new camera...preferably a Canon Rebel?  I have been coveting them at Costco.  I was at a cub scout pack meeting and I spotted the Costco camera right away on one of the moms.  She asked if I would take a picture of her family while he was awarded.  One shot, and I was hooked! I was swooping in left and right capturing this great moment with their family! (he,he) I went into the camera shop to get a little info and found out they have built in HD Video.  Is that enough to convince my husband....uh, Santa? :)

So, here are some blurry pictures of these cute snowman blocks!
Ear muffs...or no ear muffs?
I made a dozen of these guys for the boutique Nicole's been involved in.  The ear muffs took some time to make, I gave up after three.  The first day of the boutique, a lady bought the three with the earmuffs. Later that night,I spent a couple of hours making 8 sets of earmuffs.  Clipping pieces of felt with wire, then attaching them to pipe cleaners.
All of them sold, except one lonely snowman I missed.
They are super easy to make. Nicole gave me a 4x4 post that we chopped into cubes.  
I gave them a good sanding, using a belt sander. (scary...but cool tool)
Chopped up some noses and glued them on. 
 I later gave them all a nose job, because their noses were too big for their face. :)
I pulled out my trusty celluclay and texturized them.
After drying, I sanded and then painted white. 
Then I added Snow-Tex.  Love this stuff. I wiped it around the edges and the nose.
Then I Mod Podged and added some glitter. These snowman blocks are really cute with plain old paint, if you don't want to bother with the texture and glitter.
I think it's really tricky making a snowman's face cute.
I have made many, many ugly snowman faces.  You can ruin it with the nose shape, or by the eyes.
 To make it easier, I found some tacks and spray painted them black.
Nicole showed me this trick of sticking them into cardboard for easy spray painting.
I drilled holes and glued the tacks into the block.
  Much easier then trying to draw a face on.  It was so funny watching my boy's faces when I would add the eyes, nose, and mouth.  The little one would point and laugh every time I added the earmuffs.  I got a kick out of watching them.
We had our first small snowfall,
my boys managed to scrape enough snow out of the yard to make their own snowman.  Cute!
Speaking of's a sample of what Nicole was making.  I had to snag a picture of her tray full of baby Jesus ornaments that sold like hotcakes!  Love these!


  1. Love the snowman cubes! And the baby Jesus ornaments are sweet!

  2. I broke my camera over a week least your's take's pictures! Oh love the snowman with the ear muff's, so cute! I see why those sold : )

    You got snow!!!! My son would be so jealous.


  3. These are so cute and simple to make. I like the earmuffs :D

  4. Adorable! Thanks for sharing the tutorial.

  5. how much do you sell your snowman blocks for?
    If you don't mind telling me my email is your blog!!!


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