Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Pink Lemonade Cookies

Normally I'm not the biggest fan of boxed cookie mix or frosting
but Pillsbury Pink Lemonade Cookie Mix and Frosting has made me a convert.
                     Pink Lemonade Cookie Mix<strong>Creamy SupremeĀ®</strong> Pink Lemonade Frosting
At church on Sunday my good friend Diane brought these tasty treats to all the little kids~good thing I was substitute teaching and was at the right place at the right time to happily sample these treats.
They were so yummy I immediately texted her after church begging for her recipe.
Her reply:  "I was afraid this would happen. LOL.  It is a box mix from Target.  It is back in the Easter section.  It is called pink lemonade.  The frosting is right by it.  LOL. Good stuff."

Yes, I did laugh out loud at that one.
First thing Monday morning I was in Target snatching up the remaining 2 boxes and 1 box of frosting.
Come on Pillsbury, how can you hook me and then say I only get it this time of year?  They are so easy to make and a perfect treat to make with your kids.  There is another sinfully delicious recipe for pink lemonade cream cheese bars on the box that my daughter and I will just have to try tomorrow when the cookies are all gone.  And yes, diets don't count during spring break.

Here though is my brilliant tip~I wish I could claim it as my own but I picked it up from another amazing friend at a "favorite things" party~have you heard of them or gone to one?  (SO FUN!)

Instead of trying to get cling wrap to stick to a plate of cookies and how irritating it is to get at them once they are wrapped up and clung into place...try using a shower cap.  Yes, I said shower cap.  You can grab them, 3 in a bag for a $1 at the Dollar Store.  I'm a believer now!
Happy Wednesday friends!

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  1. Hi...I was looking at a recipe for a pink lemonade cake today and then saw your's the link for the cake if you would like to take a look at the recipe


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