Sunday, January 6, 2013

Gingerbread Man Visit

Candace told me to share a funny letter I wrote to her little boy who sent
me his Flat Gingerbread Man (a version of Flat Stanley) right before Christmas break.
I was scrambling at the last moment for this one but I guess he enjoyed it so we hope you will too!

Dear Andrew~
Do you know who’s writing you this letter?  It’s me~you’re favorite Aunt Nicky!  Guess who I found hiding under my door mat the other day….I think you might know him~he’s the gingerbread boy!  He is the cutest little fella’ and has the funniest little giggle I’ve ever heard.  I was hoping that maybe it was you coming to visit me because you make me so happy!  I figured you would want me to take care of your little friend and I needed to think of something to call him, so I named him Gingy!

Gingy had quite the adventure at my house!  I live right up the hill in Boise where all the really tall trees grow.  Gingy was missing his family very much and wandered over to the gingerbread houses to look for them…..but they weren’t there.

Next he wandered into the Christmas villiage~but he scared all the villagers because he was so big!  They thought he was King Kong coming to make banana splits out of them!

So over to the kitchen he came to help me make some yummy cookies for the Christmas party tomorrow at school.  Gingy had to be careful~I almost ate him up when he was hanging out with the other cookies!  Yum!!!!

In the family room Gingy heard a noise!  As he got closer he saw there was a squirrel there.  You see I help rescue baby squirrels that fall out of their nests and raise them till they are old enough to live outside.  This squirrel’s name is Fifi.  She is the nicest sweetest squirrel ever!  Gingy thought she was the perfect size to ride and he’s always wanted to be a cowboy, so he hopped right on Fifi’s back and went for a trot.  All he was missing was a cowboy hat and boots! 
When Gingy was done with Fifi he needed to cool off and headed outside.  Before he knew it he was surrounded by big beautiful ducks.  “Be careful Gingy!” I cried!  Those ducks love to snack on anything especially tomatoes and little gingerbread boys!  These ducks are named Buddy and Jo Jo.  Buddy tried to take a bite out of Gingy and he barely escaped!  Can you see the duck slobber he left behind on Gingy?
 Gingy ran inside and hid inside Dad’s stocking till the coast was clear. 
Phew!  That was a close one!  Now that the coast is clear Gingy is headed back down the hill to you Andrew.  Thanks for letting your friend come visit me and keep me company today.  He is such a sweet cookie just like you are.  Merry Christmas and make sure to come visit me again soon!
Aunt Nicky

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