Sunday, June 24, 2012

Growing Pains

House cleaning... favorite-quotes-and-signs
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Yesterday the dreadful project of
cleaning the garage happened.
Yuck, seriously please tell me I'm not the only
person to put it off for months if not years.
Candace was busy working on her garage too~
very excitedly putting up shelves!
I finally emptied boxes from when we moved 5 years ago.
My hubby taunted me the whole time that I was a hoarder.
After watching many episodes of Hoarders during Spring Break, 
(it was like a car wreck I couldn't peel my eyes off of!)
I knew it wasn't a compliment.
Most tragic of all I finally hauled away all of my 
little daughter's clothes since birth.
I have held onto them with high hopes of actually using them again.
I have struggled with infertility my entire adult life, so when
after 10 years of doctors, drugs and needles
I got my dream baby~I had some hope that
eventually there would be another.
So it was hard to let go of those "moments".
My hubby couldn't understand why I was bawling scooping baby
clothes into black garbage cans.
It must be a Mom thing.:)
I did gather some of my favorite things
like this little hat my SIL gave me.
Loved it on her!
How could I not be bawling!;)
So on the funnier side of being a Mom I had to share this hilarious
list of funnies I found on Pinterest!
Oh my goodness, I'm laughing so hard I think I might pee my pants.
To celebrate our hard work and being able
to now park both cars in the garage, my hubby and I are making
a Peanut Butter no bake pie today.
If it turns out......I'll post about it tomorrow.
Happy Sunday friends!

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