Monday, May 21, 2012

Pink Dresser Redo

Almost 2 1/2 years ago I stumbled upon
this little dresser at a local thrift store.

It was pretty sad looking and the drawers were a bit messed up.
After bargaining with the sales guy~something I'm proudly
getting better at~yup, I'm one of those gals
that if you look even slightly intimidating I'll just hand my cash over
and run away, I got it for $6.

So it has set in my garage and been chewed on by the squirrels
until I had any time to rescue it.
The exciting thing was that it's solid wood, no particle board crap here.
I gave it a good sand over and had to repair some corners.

Wood putty is amazing stuff~you can literally reshape missing corners.
Candace and I reshaped a whole table edge using the stuff eons ago
and you would have never guessed it at all.
So be brave and get some!:)

It did take almost 3 cans of spray paint to give it a luscious finish
and I was sure happy with the color.
I used spray paint because I knew it would stick.  
I didn't want to worry that I didn't get all the varnish off
so acrylic paint would stick.
Plus it's just easier!

My daughter and I have been working on redoing her room.
Gone is the Pepto-Bismol pink I agreed to when we moved in.
I know, I know, who listens to a 3 year old=2 thumbs pointing at me!
We have a warm butter yellow and now the pink is just a nice addition of pop.
 I picked the cute knobs up at Hobby Lobby for just over $7
and fixed the inner sliding hardware for $6.
 The knobs couldn't be more perfect!

So for right around $25
my daughter has a new dresser nightstand!
Now to find the perfect lamp......


  1. It's so sweet looking, just like cotton candy pink. Love it and the price was sure right! Great job... let the squirrels find something else to nibble on. LOL

  2. Nicole!! love the new nightstand. You did an awesome job fixing it up. It looks pretty against the buttery creamy walls. :)

  3. I love this! What a fun color!! Great job, it looks brand new!

  4. Can I ask which brand/colour this is? LOVE it! I have a super ugly pale green with oak top dresser and nightstand I was going to get rid of but have realized why bother when they're perfectly functional just ugly coloured!

  5. Very nice for the girls' room. The pulls are adorable. I had no idea Hobby Lobby carried pulls. I've seen ones very similar in Pottery Barn Kids but probably costing a lot more coin! Did you use a special cabinet paint as a base like they carry at Benjamin Moore, or something else? I was wondering how it holds up to chipping or spots rubbing off?


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