Sunday, February 13, 2011

Last Minute Valentines

My little girl's Valentine party at school was Friday,
and as Room Mom I got to help plan their party.
I have to admit it has been a total guilty pleasure for me
because I have absolutely grown to love
all those sweet kids in her class!
So I made little cherry cheesecake cupcakes
and my favorite Hershey Kiss Peanut Butter cookies,
but what went over the best were these fun Bingo cards I put together
totally last moment.
Really, I was picking them up from Staples where I got them laminated
just 10 minutes before the party started.

I've seen tons of great ideas for Bingo...two of my favorites are over at Eighteen 25 and The Idea Room!
I was ready to print them out and her teacher emailed me all the kid's pictures to use
the day before the party and I just had to use them!
(I didn't post a picture of them because I don't have permission
to show off all those cute kiddos!)
After spending too many hours trying to download, upload and all that
onto some other online bingo card makers,
I found the simplest way was to just collage them
using my favorite freebie program Picasa!
They were super easy and a fun memento for each of the kids to take home.
If you don't have enough pictures to fill the spaces, you can do what I did
and find a fun picture of the school mascot.
It worked out great and the kids loved it!

Here's one I did up for our family to play tomorrow night for family night!
We didn't make squirrel Valentines either...yes, shocker....
and we don't have 4 cats, 2 have met their maker
but we needed the numbers for bingo purposes!:)
You have to improvise when you only have 1 kid.
and took it and ran with it.
I cut out everything on my cricut and we glued as fast as we could!
My little girl thought it was so fun!

Now I get to actually enjoy this holiday knowing all the hard work is done!
My hubby has made his famous Valentine's Day Lasagna
that he makes every year for me.
Just knowing that I don't have to cook
makes me feel loved!
Happy Valentine's Day!


  1. Awe! I never heard of picture bingo! How creative! It must be so fun to play!!! Thank you for sharing! You are such a super mom! Happy Love day!!!


  2. I love this idea!! Hope you guys had a great v- day!!!


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