Thursday, December 16, 2010

Ruldoph the Red Nosed Root Beer!

When our kids were in preschool together, one of the moms used to bring the most adorable gifts to all the classmates.  For Christmas she brought root beer reindeer and we almost died with the cuteness! 
She used IBC root beer bottles , they make the perfect body for a reindeer.  Perfect to give one root beer as a gift, or a pack to friends and neighbors.  Who doesn't love root beer...well maybe some of you? We have also seen this done many times with other types of soda bottles. 

Here's what you need and a little tip of how to make the antlers.  Why you ask.... would you need a tutorial for pipe cleaner antlers?  I thought I didn't need one and took them to boy scouts for a craft project.  Well, the antlers ended up looking like this.....
Cute, but could be better.  Nicole came and worked her cute magic on the antlers and I thought they were perfect.
You will need a bottle of IBC root beer, ribbon, two googly eyes, and any size of red pom-pom.  We went with the BIG size with sparkles, and I kinda think he looks like Beaker from the Muppets!
We also used red pipe cleaners, the preschool mom used brown on hers. Whatever you prefer.
We used hot glue to attach everything.
Who wouldn't want this as a gift? :) 


  1. AH I"m dying, those are so cute! My son's school provides the drinks this year for the classroom parties, but at the rate our school district is going I'm sure that will get cut in the next budget meeting LOL So I need to bookmark this for next year when they tell me I need to provide drinks cuz they are out of $$. I'm a lil bitter about it can you tell : )


  2. So cute! What a perfect gift! Love them.

  3. TOO cute for words. And I totally see the Beaker reference. ;-) Good work ladies.

  4. These are so cute - I would never want to drink the root beer! Very fun and clever idea.

  5. I handed these out last year as gifts to neighbors and attached a note saying, "Merry Christmas and Happy 'Root' Year. My kiddos had so much fun making things.
    By the way...LOVE the big red nose!

  6. This is so adorable, and so creative.....

  7. These are so cute. My husband would love this. He loves Root Beer.

  8. Candace- These are so cute! Thanks so much for the great Christmas Root creative!! We had so much fun with your family at the party. Love ya, Carrie

  9. These are adorable. I'm going to have to remember this for when my son starts preschool in the fall. Such a cute teacher gift. I'm a new follower =)

  10. So, I am wondering what the tip is to the antlers then??


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