Thursday, October 7, 2010

Hello Ivillage!!!

We were so excited that
Ivillage featured our Halloween topiaries!
They have some really fun ideas
you have to go check out!

Our crafting ideas come to a complete stand still
when our kiddo's are home from school.
We are lucky to have a 4 day weekend this week
so today Candace, I and Candace's 2 awesome
Sister-in-laws, Lesa & Richelle
 altogether with our 11 kids in tow....
braved the zoo!
It was so much fun and such a beautiful day!
I must admit though my favorite part is feeding the goats.
Candace's little guy was so fun to watch,
he wasn't sure what to do when those long goat tongue's came his way.
Yes, there are goats at our zoo!
 We do live in Idaho!:)
But....tomorrow.....I believe there will be crafting!:)


  1. Very creative, I found your blog via todays creative blog and am so happy I did!


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